The National Women’s Show


When I was approached to blog about the show I wasn’t sure it was my scene. I’m a food blogger. What do I know about fashion and makeup except for the fact that I do wear them daily? Maybe not correctly, but I do. 

When I did more research and found out that food vendors would be present, for sure I was there! Plus, I haven’t blogged in awhile due to some personal matters and I’ve been wanting to get my feet…er… fingers wet again. Below is my adventure at my first ever National Women’s Show. 

I took a friend with me and by the time we arrived there was already a line around the Shaw Centre! “This must be one busy show!” I thought to myself. So we finally made it into the main hall, passing the wine as it was only 10am, we stopped at the dōTerra table where we spoke with Kellie Anne Matthieson.   

This is an essential oil company that I heard about from a colleague at work. There is a membership fee and then you can buy oil at a discounted price. I fell in love with the Citrus Bliss blend. It’s probably the bergamot. As soon as I got home I put it in the diffuser!   

I was wearing boots this day, as you can see from the picture below. I’ve been meaning to get them conditioned as the leather was starting to feel dry. So this guy had perfect timing! I got a boot shine and a foot massage! I bought a tin as I wanted to put it on all my boots! Leather Better is a natural product made of beeswax and orange oil. The guy said you could eat it but it wouldn’t taste very good. 

Moving on to more edible items, ahem, not for the faint of heart… Edible sexy time stuff from Pure Romance. You can imagine for yourself and I’m sure I don’t need to describe them except for the one that I was given a taster for – I believe it was supposed to be lemon something. 😳  

What I like about this next booth is that the owner/creator is a Tea Sommelier! Her career managing Toronto’s largest luxury hotel tea program led her to become a tea sommelier and open Tease Tea located right here in Ottawa! Her site includes a tea of the month club that I could certainly get behind!

A little bit of my childhood is coming up in the next one. My mother had a house in Kawartha Lake area and this is the stuff I grew up on. The Kawartha Dairy Company makes some mighty fine ice cream and if you come across it, don’t hesitate to pick it up! They’ve been making ice cream since 1937! There is a reason they have been around that long!
Terra Beata from Nova Scotia is a cranberry farm and a delicious purveyor of juice, jams, dried cranberries and my favourite that day, mincemeat. Don’t make that face. My friend made that face at the show too. She couldn’t believe out of all the items on the table, I go for the mincemeat… Well it was good, gosh darn it! You can pick up their products at Loblaws and Sobeys!  

I’m not normally one for frozen pizza, but this booth got me like “Oh wow, this is actually crispy and delicious.”  I’m not sure if the product comes with a stone or if you need to use yours at home to get that nice crisp… You can let me know if you find out. 

I boughten tub of this next one and I have no regrets! I got home and took out the most tarnished piece of silver I had and it worked like a charm! I then did the glass shower doors and my husband couldn’t believe that I was cleaning the house… Haha! The Universal Stone is Eco-friendly and free of acids so you can clean any surface practically! The lady had mentioned cleaning the top of the fridge or hood vent and getting that grime layer off!

My father used to take me to Lee Valley all the time when I was younger and sometimes I would just get the most random gifts from there. I never really think about them when I think kitchen gadgets, but they had all kinds of stuff from measuring cups, picnic baskets, mixing bowls and even a spiralizer! 


The Fa Products Cajun dip mix is heavenly! Their booth made me laugh though as their sign said “no gluten” and then they were serving regular pretzels for tasters. When I asked if they had gluten free pretzels they looked stunned. I’m not gluten free and would definitely eat this again with regular pretzels! My friend said the garlic one was good too! 


Albion Hills Farm had a wide variety of smoked meat products as well as giant pretzels and dog bones. My friend picked up some pepperettes which we ate right then and there. Not sure any made it home to her husband. For mine, he got a summer sausage that he’s been enjoying. 


I think it’s about time for a cocktail, what about you???

Georgian Bay Spirt Co. is coming out this week at the LCBO with a new beverage called the Gin Smash! He’ll also be sampling it at Bon Appetit, May 3rd. 

I think we used most of our drink tickets on this one as it was so darn delicious! Citrusy and refreshing. Went down very smoothly. 

The next sample we tried was from Whitewater Brewing Co. I tried the Farmers Daughter which is a blonde beer but the seasonal I had was mixed with Watermelon. Another summer hit!  

To round out this quenching beverage touring is Villa Maria Winery from New Zealand. I had the Pinot Noir. Not dry and full of cherry and berry flavours. Available at the LCBO. 

I regret not taking a sample of Bad Monkey Popcorn! The list of flavours is remarkable! They were even on Dragon’s Den for Petes sake! Plus look at that smile! How could I not try it?!? Well I regret it now ok! So I shall buy a bag when I see it! Popped locally in Quebec 😊

I think I have a new favourite cheese. The Smoked Old Cheddar by Empire Cheese and Butter Co-op! Another friend of mine bought a hunk and I’ll be going over shortly (if I’m invited) to partake…hint hint friend-o-mine…  

You’ve seen Udi’s at the grocery store for sure! They make gluten free products such as bread and cookies. I was able to try the bread and coconut-peanut spread. What a great snack!! The earth spread was delicious!


Another amazing tea booth was T by Daniel. Daniel Lewis is the co-founder and is definitely a bow tie enthusiast. Check out how cute the website is! I fell for Jessie’s Ginger Lemon and the Canadian Eh? Which has hints of, you guessed it, maple.   

So I forgot to mention that when you walk into the show there are volunteers handing out swag bags. We picked ours up halfway through the show and luckily not at the beginning. It had a full blown Freche’s Ketchup in it and a bottle of Sparking Tea! 

All in all, the show was a good time and I’m so happy I was able to go this year! I would definitely recommend going in the fall!



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