Meyer Lemon Gelato

I get really excited when I find Meyer Lemons at the grocery store as we don’t get them very often in Canada. So when I came across them while being in the southern US, I had to get some! No idea what I was going to do them, but still, I had to! I made it my mission to find SOMETHING to do with them!

Meyer Lemon Gelato

A friend had mentioned making a lemon loaf and then I thought about a tart, but when I came across this beauty of a recipe, I knew it was the one! My MIL has a brand new ice cream maker in the garage that I’ve been eyeing these past few years and this was the perfect excuse to try it out!

Meyer Lemon Gelato

This is one of the simplest gelato recipes I’ve made… well it’s the only gelato recipe I’ve made. I usually make ice cream which has eggs in it, so this was a new experiment for me. Came out pretty darn delicious! So delicious that my MIL had a scoop and went back for ANOTHER! That’s really saying a lot 🙂 I like the texture of this gelato when it comes out of the freezer. It’s not too hard and curls nicely in the scoop!

Meyer Lemon Gelato

Meyer Lemon Gelato

Prep time: 10 minutes     Cook time: n/a     Cool time: 30 minutes +


Zest from one Meyer Lemon

1 cup Meyer Lemon juice (approx 6-7 lemons)

1 cup sugar

1 cup milk

1 cup cream

1/8 tsp salt


Add all the ingredients to a large bowl and whisk together.

Pour into the ice cream machine as per the manufacturer instructions.


For the original step by step instructions and other delicious recipes by Chef Dennis, please follow link below!

{Recipe from Ask Chef Dennis}

Meyer Lemon Gelato

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