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I signed myself up for another foodie pen pal this month! Two back to back! After signing up, while waiting to find out who I would be paired with, I had this feeling that I had mad a mistake. I already had so much on the go, did I really have time to dedicate to putting together another foodie pen pal package?

I am so glad I kept with it! I was paired with Haley from Toronto. While in discussions with her, I found out she loves spicy food and was interested in Ottawa’s local products. Unfortunately she does not have a blog so she is unable to post the package she received, so I will tell you a little bit about it.

I put together a package filled with local and not so local things. Top Shelf Preserves Persian Sour Cherry Jam, Salty Don‘s Smoke and Fire spice mix, Mrs. McGarrigle’s Maple Mustard, Perth Pepper and Pestle‘s Hottest Red Pepper Jelly I could find, Rochef Salted Caramel Chocolate and a few other things here and there like my favourite Polish chocolates – Malaga and chocolate coated plums (I can’t remember what else…Haley – Help!)

I received 2 stellar packages from Haley this month! She had forgot to put in one of my items in the first one, so I was delighted with two packages this month! Below is what I received! Most of it is local to Toronto. I love it and fully support local businesses!


Abokichi is a maker of onigiri (japanese rice balls) in Toronto, where they sell different products as well, such as this crunchy oil condiment that Haley loves and wanted to share with me. Their products are available throughout the downtown core at different specialty shops. They also cater! Check ’em out!

Foodie pen pal - February 2015

This is amazing on rice or with pan fried meat!

SOMA Chocolatemaker is located in the distillery district of Toronto and have another location on King St West. They are known for their delicious chocolate, and this is no exception. This chocolate is part of their Revolution line which is fitting as they are made with tumblers. They are similar to concrete mixing machines which tumble the chocolate, adding layer upon layer of chocolate. I’m sure we’ve all seen this type of candy making on tv.

foodie pen pal - february 2015

I’m not sure if I like them or not, but I couldn’t stop eating them!

The Tohato Inc is a Japanese food company – These are the Tyrant Habanero potato rings. These are kind of like a spicier version of ringolos. Excellent! Habanero’s are 300,000 Scoviles, while a jalapeno is about 3,500 – 10,000 Scoviles, if you can imagine how hot they are. Love love love these!

foodie pen pal - february 2015

foodie pen pal - february 2015

ChocoSol Traders is a local Toronto chocolate maker, which according to their website can be found in Ottawa at The Red Apron and West-End Well Co-op, as well as Dandelion Foods in Almonte. At the location in Toronto, you can bring a container to take home loose or bulk chocolate.

This 5 Chili Bullet bar was smooth and had a good mouth feel. Heat was pleasant. I would definitely eat it again!

foodie pen pal - february 2015

Package number 2! They are creme brulee Kit-Kats that you bake and a chocolate sea salt cookie!

foodie pen pal - february 2015

The concept was a little strange to me, but I have to say, they were deliciously interesting! They actually did taste like creme brulee!

Until next time! Keep sharing your delicious finds with others as you never know what you might come across! Check my first Foodie Pen Pal which set the standard for me!

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