Fauna: Food & BarThere’s a new kid in town and his name is Fauna. Located at Bank and Frank in the Village (aka Centretown), this seasonal resto is a long time coming! With a planned opening of last January which was put on hold due to an unfortunate water leak which caused some damage and with never ending legal disputes, it is now finally on track and open for business.

Fauna : Food + Bar

We went last Thursday for a tri-fecta birthday celebration with a friend of ours. Since it was her actual birthday, she got to pick the place. We couldn’t believe how after only one week of being open, how seamless service was. Our waitress, beautiful girl but didn’t catch her name, was knowledgeable about the whole menu including the wine and drink list. When it came to dessert wines, my husband had ordered the Grenache/Syrah blend which wasn’t served by the glass any more, so the wine director, Alex, came over to help him find something similar. Which worked out excellently.

Below are some pictures of our 4 course dinner. (because we ordered that way). The pictures do not do these dishes any justice. You’ll just have to visit and taste for yourself!

Fauna : Food + Bar

One of my favs for the night!  Tuna Crudo: coconut and kaffir cream, powdered chili oil, grapefruit with black sesame and green onion.

My friend could have eaten 12 of these skewers they were so good!

Fauna : Food + Bar

Tempura Skewer: scallop and chorizo mixed with cilantro and served with basil and sweet chili

Fauna : Food + Bar

Excellent and refreshing! Heirloom Tomato: parmesan panna cotta with basil and strawberry sherry vinaigrette.

Each plate was put together with great depth of flavour exploding in every bite. We pretty much ordered everything and can’t wait to go back. We ended up having 4 courses, as we ordered everything in 3’s. We found this to be the perfect way to share while enjoying our night together.

This turkey wing tasted like thanksgiving dinner. It was excellent and probably one of all of our favourites of the evening.

Fauna : Food + Bar

Confit Turkey Wing: rosemary batter with peach and chili sauce.

My husband grew up on the ocean and him and I agree, this is the best swordfish we ever had. Perfectly cooked. Nice and buttery which paired well with the nutty quinoa. Husbands favourite of the evening.

Fauna : Food + Bar

Swordfish: pickled carrots, red quinoa, beans, smoked tomato glaze and baby zucchini

Fauna : Food + Bar

Duck Breast: squid ink and red wine spaetzle, kimchi, kale, ginger and plum

The concept of Fauna is to share plates and enjoy tasting the menu, however you can keep your own plate like in traditional restaurants if you would like.

I couldn’t get enough of the mushroom inari. I dream of this plate now…

Fauna : Food + Bar

Mushroom Inari: fried rice, edamame puree, chantrelles with ginger and chili oil powder

Pork Belly was very well balanced with the corn and swiss chard salad.

Fauna : Food + Bar

Pork Belly: gnocchi, corn, fennel, swiss chard, chantrelles and sour cherries

The steak was another one of my husbands favourites.

Fauna : Food + Bar

Steak: bavette, wheat berry, gai lan, shishito pepper and skinned tomatos

Call to make a reservation or try your luck for room at the bar. But make sure you try at least one dessert while you’re there. Each sorbet, gelato and ice cream was packed with delicious flavour. My friend couldn’t get enough of the grapefruit sorbet, and the mint gel was addictive.

Fauna : Food + Bar

Almond financier: grapefruit curd, mint gel, meringues and grapefruit sorbet

I loved the flourless chocolate cake with chocolate hazelnut gelato.

Fauna : Food + Bar

Chocolate and Milk: flourless chocolate cake, hazelnut milk, dried strawberries and chocolate hazelnut gelato

My husband loved the squash sticky toffee.

Fauna : Food + Bar

Squash Sticky Toffee: dulce de leche smear, candied pistachios, apple chips and crème caramel ice cream

It’s a great place to go for after work drinks and snack, for dinner and for a late night bevvy and munchies. I can’t wait for their brunch menu on Sundays and lunch during the week!




425 Bank Street

Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 1Y7

Twitter: FaunaOttawa

Facebook: /FaunaOttawa

Instagram: /FaunaOttawa

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