Holland’s Cake and Shake

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I don’t know about you, but I love me some cake. and shake. and tarts. and cookies. Well heck, I love all sweets. And who better to make them, then the former pastry chef from Atelier? Michael Holland’s Cake and Shake opened up beside the Parkdale Market back in July. I’ve already been a few times and have never been let down.

He offers 3″ personal cakes with flavours changing weekly, along with tarts, cookies and homemade soft serve for shakes. He even has a Cake Shake! Yes, a cake INSIDE your shake! I’ve yet to try it, but it is definitely on my Cake and Shake bucket list!

During the day, they offer sandwiches or a brown bag lunch (even though the bag is white, it’s still delicious) which includes a cookie or brownie with a shirley temple or root beer . He bakes fresh milk bread for the sandwiches, using his grandfathers recipe. I could just place an order for those if he let me!

Holland's Cake and Shake

The first time I had an opportunity to go, I was running around before a flight and needed a quick lunch! (and possibly a dessert which turned into dessertssss). It was the best sandwich I’d had in a long time! Fresh bread, fresh ingredients, and potato chips!

Holland's Cake and Shake

Turkey and Ham with tomato and cheese. Plus chips!

Holland's Cake and Shake

Clockwise from Top Left: Banana Milk Chocolate (my absolute fav so far); Coconut Lime; Elvis Truffle and Sprinkle Cake

My sister was also in town a few weeks ago and this was one of her favourite little treats that weekend. A few weeks prior to her visit, Michael Holland partnered with the Ministry of Coffee, located on Elgin Street, to provide the hot coffee and cold brews in store!

Holland's Cake and Shake

Clockwise from Top Left: Ovaltine; Purple Haze; Signage, and Banana & Peanut Butter

“The Ovaltine cake is made up of vanilla cake, Ovaltine icing and crushed whoppers. Purple Haze is made up of grape cake, grape pastry cream, and blueberry icing.”


I also stopped in when it was my husband’s birthday. I grabbed us some brown bagged lunches and a few birthday cakes for later.

Holland's Cake and Shake

Clockwise from Top Left: Roast chicken, ham, swiss cheese, french onion spread, cucumber, carrot, topped with potato chips on homemade milk bread; Brownie (or chocolate hot lip cookie? Either way, nice and rich); Porchetta, provolone, roasted red pepper, pickled eggplant, lemon rosemary aioli, topped with potato chips on homemade milk bread and a Blueberry peach crumble tart

These cakes are perfect  for sharing. We had another couple over for birthday dinner, and each person had a cake set down in front of them. We each had a knife, which we used to cut the cutest slices, and then we passed the plate to the right for the next cake until all four cakes were gone. Delicious fun!

Holland's Cake and Shake

Clockwise from Top Left: Red Rocket; Lemon and Earl Grey; Chocolate and Caramel Apple

“Red rocket: cherry Kool-aid cake, red licorice icing, and rocket candy”



*Tip: It’s worth getting the 6 cakes for $20! 


Holland’s Cake and Shake
229 Armstrong St.
Ottawa, Ontario
(613) 695-3311

Twitter: @HollandsCake    Facebook: /hollandscake

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