The Albion Rooms

The Albion Rooms Chef Stephen La Salle, originally from the Arc, opened up The Albion Rooms in the Novotel Hotel back on March 27, 2013. Using local fresh ingredients is a high priority, and it really shows in the food.

I first ate at The Albion Rooms for a friends birthday back in February 2014 and I can’t stop jonsing to go back! It’s the perfect place to meet up for drinks after work and share a plate or two or five. In the beverage department, they have a wonderful assortment of flavoured bitters and have some of the best bartenders in the city. The bar itself is gorgeous. The Albion Rooms Every Thursday they tap a new cask of local brewed beer. When we were there around May 15th, it was Old Kentucky by Turtle Island Brewing Company. It was their Dark Honey Brown with bourbon and Really Horrible Enterprises Brandy and Maple soaked vanilla beans. Light bubbles with a smooth sweet after taste. Delicious! {where can I get more??} The Albion Rooms Each drink is beautifully crafted and tastes amazing! I’ve asked for a surprise in the past and was brought the most delicious cocktail! It just so happens to now be on their cocktail menu! The bartenders test out their new creations with patrons who are open to see if they will make it to the new drink menu. A Night in Paris is a delight, which is the one that was my surprise!

The Albion Rooms

Feuille d’Autone


The Albion Rooms

Blue Cheese Deep Fried Olives – Lounge menu

The Albion Rooms

Scotch Egg – Wrapped in Blood Pudding – OMG! So good!

The Albion Rooms

Elk Burger with Seed to Sausage Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Cheddar, Roasted Shallot Aioli and Thrice Cooked Chips

The Albion Rooms

Ceviche – Steelhead Trout, Apple, Radish, Lime, Fresh Coriander and Sunchoke Chips

The Albion Rooms


The Albion Rooms

A Night in Paris

The Albion Rooms

Where the magic of Charcuterie happens

They change their menu pretty often. I’ve been a handful of times, and not much has remained the same.  This just means we eat our way through the menu… again! Their Scotch Egg is a mainstay, but the meat that’s wrapped around the egg changes, and the sauce and veg change too. I have to get it every time. It’s big enough to share, but why would you want to?

Albion Rooms

Scotch Egg – Six Minute Egg, House made Pork Rillette, Minty Peas and Pickled Carrots

Last time I was in, a few weeks ago, Chef Stephen La Salle brought out this refreshing Red Fruit Plate. The rhubarb had a spun sugar concoction around it which was amazing! 20140623-211346-76426611.jpg   They make all their pasta in house. I’ve passed it up a few times, and now I wish I hadn’t! This was so delicate and light, but full of flavour all at the same time! I could have eaten three bowls worth!

Albion Rooms

House Pasta – Fettuccine, Creme Fraiche and Sheep’s Yoghurt, Asparagus, Lemon, Pistachio, and Allegretto Sheep’s Cheese

Albion Rooms

Salad – Baby Gem Lettuce, Beets, Carrots, Radish, Almonds, Herbed Goat Cheese, and Lemon Poppy Seed Vinaigrette

Dessert is always a must. When I was there in February I ordered the Cake, which was a Sticky Maple Pudding with Maple Caramel and blueberries. It was terrific!

Albion Rooms

Eton Mess – Minted Stewed Strawberries, Meringue, Sponge Toffee, Whipped Cream and Berries

They also host bigger events, such as the closing ceremonies for the Ottawa Foodie Challenge! They’ll be creating a new area in the back up top, which is their current breakfast nook. Look out for big things coming out of the Albion Rooms as Chef La Salle will also be competing in Gold Metal Plates this November!!


The Albion Rooms

inside Novotel Ottawa

33 Nicholas Street Ottawa, ON 





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