Ottawa RibFestEvery year Ottawa has the most delicious festival of them all – RIBFEST!

This year there were 15 stations, as opposed to their regular 12. Just like last year we ordered the 3rd rack (4+) ribs, shared it amongst ourselves, and moved on to the next place.

This year I was excited to try our champion from last year, but unfortunately it was a little but of a let down. However, we did find a new winner in our circle, Camp 31! They even ended up winning trophy’s for the best ribs, chicken and sauce! The only station to be in all three categories! Consistent!

Here are the ones we were able to try this year before our bellies got so full!


Texas Outlaws – Saucey with a hint of vinegar. Fell off the bone nicely. Good.


Crabby’s B.B.Q. Shack – Smokey! Nice chew, not so “fall off the bone”, but good if you like smoke.


Gator BBQ – Very good, nice sauce!


Billy Bones BBQ – Charred, not in a bad way. They were meaty. Good flavour.


Camp 31 – (Forgot to take a photo of the booth, I can’t believe I did that!) – Our favourite rib this year! Good combination of “fall off the bone”, sauce and char. All in all, pretty awesome rib!


Boss Hog’s – Our favourite last year – Still tasty. Good sauce! They got first place for their sauce this year! Not so fall off the bone this year 😦


Horn Dawgs + Ribs Royale – Two new stations this year! We didn’t get to try them as our bellies were full by the time we got down this way, but Ribs Royale won 1st place for Ribs and Horn Dawhs won 2nd place. Ribs Royale also won 2nd place for sauce this year! Must try next year!


Heavenly Dreams – May not have room for ribs, but there is always room for a cartwheel!


5 thoughts on “RIBFEST 2014

  1. The pictures are a good reminder, but don’t do them justice. I am still full just thinking about them! What a fantastic day to stroll down Sparks Street tasting ribs along the way. It was so nice to share the experience with some fellow foodies! Can’t wait to do it again next year.

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