Poutine Fest

Poutine FestIf you’re one of those people that never orders poutine because you’re trying to watch what you eat (like me…), this event is the one time of year you should allow yourself to indulge. PoutineFest has all types of poutine that ranges from classic fries with cheese curd smothered in gravy, to fries covered in tacos (delicious!) and even ribs and pad thai!

Poutine FestBilly Bob’s Bloomin’ Onion truck had battered deep fried onions! These looked amazing! A whole onion made into a giant onion ring, basically! But we were on a mission for Poutine so we never indulged in this deliciousness, which I now regret as I’m writing this blog post. Guess I got to make my way down to Fort Erie…


PoutineFestThe Upper Deck is a new Food Truck in town which will be located in Orleans on Innes Road. The upper portion of the bus is air conditioned and patrons will be able to eat up there during the summer! How cool is that??

PoutineFestWhat the Truck: Pizza and Panini were also there, offering up delicious food.

PoutineFestPong’s Poutine Food Truck from Carp was also on the scene offering up classic and speciality poutines as well as Thai chicken curry, bacon cheeseburgers and chili.

PoutineFestVanier Snack Shack was offering classic poutine along with a meat and veggie poutine.

PoutineFestThis guy ordered the meat poutine covered in the veggies. Nicely balanced…

PoutineFestThe Twisted Tomato is a Ketchup Company offering over half a dozen flavours of their premier ketchup, which patrons got to try out on their poutine.

PoutineFestKetchup flavours include: Dill Pickle, Ghost Pepper, Bacon, Scorpian Pepper, Banana and Blueberry.

PoutineFestThe Twisted Tomato had two offerings, the first was the onion.

PoutineFestThe second was the triple bacon.

PoutineFestThis truck might look out of place. What is a thai truck doing at a poutine fest? Offering up Pad Thai poutine of course!

PoutineFestGreen Papaya had 4-5 different kinds of poutine. The bottom rectangle on the following day had the special of the day. I want to say it was a thai chicken dish, but cannot recall it’s actual name.

PoutineFestMy friend ordered the Pad Thai Poutine, it was pretty tasty. It won first place!!

PoutineFestI ordered the spring roll poutine.

PoutineFestRoutine Poutine is a mainstay over on the Gatineau side and offers classic poutine. They won first place last PoutineFest and second place this time around.

PoutineFestNo wonder why! Their line was a mile long! 1st place for popularity, that’s for sure!


PoutineFestMr. Churritos even offered a Churro Poutine! Mmm, dessert poutine with marshmallows! (sorry, no picture.)

PoutineFestLe Snack Attack was offering Bacon Bit Poutine and a Pepperoni Poutine, along side their traditional.

PoutineFestLe Smoking BBQ from Montreal had a Ribs Poutine! It was so hard not to order and we might be regretting it…


PoutineFestGolden Fries was also there. One of Ottawa’s local food trucks located in Orleans at the Convent Glen Shopping Centre. They offered a lobster bacon poutine! Craziness!

PoutineFestBig D’s is an Ottawa Food Truck out on Hazeldean Road that I’ve been trying to get to! I’m making it my mission this summer! They offer gourmet hot dogs and poutines!


PoutineFestBonita’s Cantina, (another food truck that I’ve been trying to get to for the past year) was there offering up Porktine, Tacotine and a Fries Supreme!

PoutineFestKnown for their tacos, I of course ordered their Tacotine! Amazing! I can’t wait to go check out their actual menu at City Centre this summer! My friend ordered the Porktine, and she said it was also delicious! (The picture unfortunately didn’t turn out)


I remember Tiny Tom Donuts from when I was a kid frequenting Wonderland! A dozen mini donuts for around $5. They have 4 flavours: Icing sugar, Chocolate, Apple Cinnamon and Cinnamon.

PoutineFestWe almost ate them all before realizing that maybe you’d want to see what they are! 🙂 Warm and delicious right out of the fryer!



Until next time Poutine… until next time…

4 thoughts on “Poutine Fest

    • There is a place just out side of town that basically supplies the whole city of curds for their poutine. They’re called St. Alberts. Curds should be squeaky between your teeth 🙂 I say, don’t give up! Try again! Practice makes perfect! 🙂 You can do it!

  1. I had some lobster poutine in a Kingston restaurant called Chien Noir last lobster season. SO ABSOLUTELY FREAKING AMAZING!! Honestly – I’d never had poutine and it was one of the most memorable meals I’ve ever eaten. All washed down with a gorgeous chablis. I’m a poutine convert. Ahhh….

    • I remember eating poutine with my mother from chip trucks on the side of the road. Greasy French fries and thick hot gravy. Hot enough to melt the cheese… So good! Lobster poutine is a new fade for the last few years now. It takes it to a whole new level! Super amazing and a long way from a greasy chip truck 😉

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