Cardamom & Cloves

Cardamom and Cloves

Since I’ve become a social media junky, due to the blog of course, I’ve come across many delicious new restaurants, cafés and shops here in Ottawa. And if I never became this social media junky, I never would have heard about my favorite spice shop, Cardamom & Cloves located on 440 Preston Street, near Carling.
Cardamom and ClovesThe owner, Jodi Samis, is long time local food blogger of Simply Fresh Ottawa and a former C’est Bon Cooking tour guide. (check out the Chocolate Lover’s tour). Her love for food and flavours expands in her apparent love of travel where she can experience new herbs and spices from around the world.

Cardamom and Cloves“Ottawa’s best little spice shop” truly is that. When you walk in, you get a delicious waft of whatever jar was just opened, as customers are allowed and encouraged to open and take a sniff. She carries everything you could possible imagine, and if she doesn’t have it, she will try her darnedest to get it for you.

Cardamom and ClovesItems include every salt imaginable, every pepper including ones you’ve never heard of, herbs and spices form all over the world, including fresh local herbs, and new to shop local herbal teas!


Cardamom and ClovesThe first time I walked in was on opening day, a few weeks before Valentines day. I was looking for some Pink Himalayan salt for a Salted Chocolate Tart I was making for a V-day party. Of course she had it! I like seeing the store evolve every time I pop in, which seems to be regularly lately since I’ve been cooking at home every night since starting Whole30. She always has what I’m looking for, no matter how obscure it has been. My favourite new pepper is the Aleppo Pepper. Perfect on cauliflower rice! and my new favourite salt is vanilla salt!

Cardamom and ClovesEvery Saturday Jodi has a homemade sample made with one or more of her herbs and spices. A few weeks ago she had fresh pineapple with fresh mint and a sprinkling of Vanilla Salt. One taste and the feeling of summer was intense in my mouth! What a welcoming feeling during this long… long winter! The last time I was in, she had a Quick Fig Jam with Star Anise on fresh bread. Extremely flavourful!

Cardamom and ClovesSoon to be hosting cooking demos, and if they’re anything like the samples, they should not be missed!

Cardamom and ClovesLooking for fresh, reasonably priced, dried /fresh herbs, spices, salts, peppers and teas, this is the place to be! Follow Jodi on Twitter and Facebook!


Cardamom and Cloves


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