Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

Since being on our Whole 30 journey (we’re on day 13) we’ve come to realize we’ve been eating a lot of eggs and in all forms too. At the moment, my favorite way is hard boiled. It’s easy to grab while on the go.

In the past we used to boil eggs and my husband had some calculated method we used, but some of the yolks would still be a little grey (sulfur and iron reacting). And after watching an episode of Cutthroat Kitchen where a contestant had to use a bowl of severely grey yolks with a sulfur smell to make their Deviled Eggs, I was turned off. The chef even called them “Sulfur bombs”. Ew.


I thought that there must be another way! In my research for what to eat on Whole 30, I came across this website called Nom Nom Paleo which describes the perfect method for perfect eggs, every time. You may have even seen her cookbook in Costco or Chapters 🙂


The method is easy and you will be able to eat a hard boiled egg within 20 minutes! The rat a roaring boil, 10 minutes sitting in the hot water with the lid on, and 5 minutes resting in ice cold water. With a few other tips to help it along of course.


Putting a hole with a pin on the wider bottom part will allow the water to soak in between the membrane and the shell, making it easier to peel. Adding baking soda also helps with easier peeling.


I usually boil a dozen at a time. After piercing them with a pin, I place them all in the bottom of the pot, fill the pot with cold water until it’s just covering the eggs, and place on the stove, add the baking soda and wait for it to boil. Once roaring, put a timer on for 1 minute.


After the one minute boil, take off the heat, put on the lid and put the timer on for another 10 minutes.


While they are relaxing in the hot water, ready an ice bath where they will rest for 5 minutes.


Peeling time! So easy!



Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

Prep time: 1 minute     Cook time: 11 minutes     Cool time: 5 minutes


1 dozen eggs

1/2 teaspoon baking soda

tray of ice


While the eggs are in the carton, ensure the fatter bottoms are facing up. Gently push a pin into the shell.

Once all the eggs have little holes, place them in the bottom of a pot, which has a lid.

Add cold water to the pot until the eggs are just covered and add the baking soda.

Place on the stove and bring to a roaring boil. Once it is boiling, put a timer on for 1 minute.

After that 1 minute, take the pot off the heat, cover with the lid and set the timer for 10 minutes.

While you are waiting, fill a large bowl with a tray of ice and add cold water.

Once the timer goes off, using a slotted spoon, add the eggs to the ice water and again set the timer for 5 minutes.

After the timer goes off, they are ready to peel!

They will keep in an air tight container, peeled, for about a week in the fridge.

{Method found on Nom Nom Paleo}

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