Flapjack’s Pancake Shack

flapjacksAs a kid, I always looked forward to pancake breakfast on the weekends. It always included eggs and bacon and made the house smell wonderful. To this day, the smell of peculating coffee always brings me back to those no worry weekends as a kid. Now there is a food truck that brings me back to those memories. Not only that, but the memories of touring sugar shacks as a kid too! It’s Flapjack’s Pancake Shack in the Glebe!


Founded by Corey Sauvé, his business partner Max Anisman and manager Sacha Foster bring to life the most delicious food truck experience. Tucked behind Mrs. Tiggy Winkle’s on Bank Street is a little wooden cabin food truck which offers buttermilk pancakes, including gluten-free with 30 options of toppings/fillings. They  also offer classic panwiches. Sandwiches made with two pancakes!


I’m so glad I’ve finally had the opportunity to try these, as now I’m absolutely addicted! In the past few months, I’ve planned to go on Friday’s that I’ve had off, but unfortunately they were closed due to weather conditions. Please keep in mind that during the winter the truck will not open if it’s more than -20 degrees outside with the windchill.


You can customize stacks if you wish, or grab one of their original panwiches. My friend and I opted for the Breakfast Panwich – Bacon Strips, egg & cheddar cheese between two pancakes. To finish off our savoury delicious awesome panwich, we also tried the Campfire – Marshmallows & Nutella between two Graham Cookie Pancakes. My husband requested a stack of plain buttermilk pancakes, but they were gone before I could snap a pic!


There will be second location opening soon in Westboro, but the owner Corey Sauvé is tight-lipped about the location.




Check ’em out next time you’re looking for an awesome pancake breakfast – anytime of day! Summer is right around the corner, which means their hours will be extended and no worries about windchill warnings!


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