Sip n’ Slurp! Ottawa’s NoodleFest!


Last night, Privé Food Thought put on Ottawa’s Noodle Fest at the Convention Centre! Such a delicious evening! Event goers were able to cast 3 votes on their favorite dishes based (1) Originality; (2) Taste and (3) Presentation. There were 21 vendors offering up noodles and sweets competing to be number 1! Out of 21 vendors, we were able to fit 10 into our bellies! Here are a few that I remembered to take photos of!

**And if you attended and want to share your photos, especially for the ones I missed or wasn’t able to try, please send me a note and it will be my pleasure to share them with your name!**



Market Organics offered a vegan-gluten free ThaiRoccan (Thai-Moroccan Fusion) dish: Sweet Potato Noodle in a Creamy Cashew Sauce.

20140222_170506 20140222_170541~2

Logo-website3327 Wine Bar, located in Centretown on Somerset, offered a Proscuitto Wild Mushroom Pesto Penne with sun dried tomato chicken, blue cheese crumble and few drops of white truffle oil.


weiWei’s NoodleHouse had two offerings. 1 – a Satay Peanut Noodle Soup with Beef and 2 – Singapore style noodle stir fried with carrot, snowpeas, beansprouts and egg, topped with braised pork belly. My friends favorite of the night! I liked the texture of the Singapore noodle in the peanut soup.

20140222_171113 20140222_171244


Miso Japanese Restaruant also had two offerings. 1 – Pork Ramen and 2 – Cold Soba Noodles (buckwheat noodles)

20140222_172802 20140222_172806

grateChef Johnathan Korecki from SideDoor, also see on Top Chef Canada, was offering his own BBQ Duck Ramen with ginger and pickled mustard greens. We over heard people going back for seconds! Broth was like nothing else I’ve ever tasted. Pretty delicious!

20140222_173529 20140222_173633

New Mee Fung offered a Spicy Satay Noodle Soup.


This place filled up super fast and not only did they sell out their $10 tickets on line, they sold out on their $15 door tickets too!!!



5 Senses Catering offered a Pancit Bihon with a Shanghai Lumpiang (Filipino spring roll)



On the sweet side, Hot Cream Holes were offering 4 flavours of their awesome grilled donuts with ice cream. We ordered the Nutty Ella and the Sweet Salty Sue. Yeah, about that. We can’t wait for them to get their truck so we can eat them all the time! 🙂

20140222_180108 1393112958378

Also in the sweets corner was the Mr. Churritos food truck. He was offering up his warm delicious churros plain, filled, topped and poutine style. We ordered the “sampler” and had one filled with dulce de leche sauce (highly recommended), one plain and one topped with dark chocolate and almonds. 

20140222_181529 20140222_182135

We also tried the offerings from Raon Kitchen, but ate it too quickly to take a photo of their Japchae – glass noodles with sauteed vegetables.

Regrets that we couldn’t fit the rest of these in our bellies:

Soupçon: Sticky Honey Hoisin Noodles, Spicy Thai Cold Noodle Salad

Gong-fu Bao: Maple Charshiu Pork and Gai-Ian Noodle Bowl

Chowdown Foods: Mickey’s Dumpling and Noodle Soup

W.M. Hughes Smokehouse: Chocolate Canneloni and Pulled Pork Agnolotti with Memphis Mop Sauce

Pho you, Pho me!: Banh Cuon – Stemed Rice Flour batter with ground pork and mushrooms

Bunz & Ballz: Ithailian Fusion: Coconut curry, chicken gnocchi, Ciambella Siciliana-Eggplant Noodles

Ichiko: Shoyu Ramen

MSG Catering: Teriyaki Elk Ramen, Pickled Quail Egg, Menma, Soffrito, Duck fat

My Catering Group: Short Rib Vermicelli Roll with Smash Bomb Ginger plum sauce

Forward to Basics: Lobster Strozzapreti and Key Lime Pie

LoveFood: Japchae (glass noodles) and I Love Pad Thai


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