Bread By Us

Bread By UsTucked away in Hintonburg is a delightful new artisan bread bakery and espresso bar called Bread By Us. As soon as you open the door to the bakery the wonderful smells consume you and it is impossible to walk out without buying a baked good. Let alone a few loaves of bread, that’s for sure!

I want to talk to you about the Suspended Coffee Program. As you can see on the round sticker above the chalk board, Bread By Us is a supporter of this initiative. When you buy a coffee, loaf of bread, a cookie etc, you have the option to buy another and leave it in the store. Bread By Us will log the second one as “Suspended” and add it to a chalk board on the wall. When a less fortunate person comes in they can order off this board. At the end of every Thursday, whatever isn’t used up, Bread By Us donates it to Parkdale Food Centre.

Everyday they post their bread menu and let the public know which bread will be ready at which time via Twitter and Instagram. The bread time changes per bread day by day, so ensure to check to see when your bread will be ready.


The simplicity of the menu is beautiful. They offer about 2 types of sandwiches a day along with a featured drink. I had just come from lunch, otherwise that Murray Street Ham sandwich would have been mine! Next time…


Mini sourdough loaf is making my kitchen smell delicious! I think that’s how they hook you. Get addicted to the fresh bread smell to lure you back in! 🙂


Along side their espresso bar is a tea wall. They pretty much have everything to help you fulfill your caffeine addiction.


I believe these are ham and cheese croissants, alongside mini brioche buns and flavoured focaccia. They also bake a few types of cookies, including this classic chocolate chip and a chewy chocolate one that I regret not grabbing while I was in there.

20140207_154936 20140207_155452 20140207_173902

I ended up making mini french toasts from a few mini brioche buns. It’s the perfect serving for one person! Topped off with Alska Farm Maple Syrup, which is also available at the bakery!

french toast

Check ’em out next time you’re in Hintonburg or are looking for some fresh baked goods and bread or just need a caffeine fix!

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