Tennessy Willems

TWFriday for lunch my friend wanted to take me to a place I’ve never been before – Tennessy Willems. Known for their wood oven pizza, I’m not 100% why I haven’t eaten here before as my husband is a pizza fanatic! Not only that, every time we drive by, we always point and say “Oh yeah, we HAVE to try that place!” I’m so glad she took me! (I ended up saving an itty bitty slice just to bring home to him so I could entice him to go back with me!)

Located on the corner of Melrose and Wellington, it’s super easy to find. In the summer you can smell it from the street calling your name… 

With about a dozen tables and just over half a dozen chairs at the bar, this place was comfy and cozy! We had stopped in just as the lunch rush was ending and before the dinner rush started. I would recommend to make reservations for dinner if they take them! 


We started off with a Warm Beet Salad. Golden and purple beets, goat cheese, pickled fennel and an apple vinaigrette. I unfortunately shared this, as I could have eaten five bowls filled with this stuff! The greens on top also added a nice fresh flavour.

Tennessy Willems

We shared the pizza special of the day. It was mighty hard not to finish it, but my ulterior motives got the better of me! (getting my husband to go back with me!)


We asked for the Garlic Swiss Chard on half as my friend is not a huge fan of garlic. I couldn’t resist it!


I can’t wait to try their other pizzas! It was really hard to choose. Check out their wood oven pizza menu for a complete list! Another friend has informed me that their Mac and Cheese is also pretty delicious!


I usually go for the most chocolaty thing there is on the menu, but I am glad my friend talked to me into the Apple-Pear-Cranberry crumble, topped with vanilla whipped cream and drizzled with maple syrup! Finished off with a cappuccino!


On each table is a bottle of spiced oil that you can drizzle on your pizza or on the plate to dip. It has a bit of a kick and it can be taken home with you! Truly delicious!

Tennessy Willems

Check ’em next time you’re in the Hingerbourg-Westboro area – Tennessy Willems.

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