Six Two {Ate}

Two six {ate}Two six {ate} opened their doors just over a year and a bit ago and is located at 268 Present Street. (get it?) Owned and operated by Emily Ienzi and Steve Harris who serve up small sharing plates with local grown or raised ingredients. This place is great if you just want to snack, a few drinks or enjoy a full dining experience. I’ve been wanting to check this place out for some time and we finally got the chance this past weekend!

Two Six Ate (1)

Two Six Ate (5)

With such a beautifully booze filled bar, we couldn’t resist the drink the menu. Round one started out with a Cherry Pop, a Maple Whiskey Sour and a Guinness. All delicious in their own right, with cherry pop actually tasting like a cherry pop! Mmm.

Two Six Ate (3)

Off the Munchie menu we ordered (clockwise from the top) the shrimp and pork pogos (ones missing, already eaten…) which were served with a chili gastrique and cabbage and carrot slaw. I could have eaten a mountain of these.

We also ordered crispy house smoked chicken wings served with a valentina hot sauce (very spicy for those who think pepper is hot). Two six {ate} marinates, brines, smokes and fries these little bad boys. They look like naked wings, but man they were packed with flavour!

The third munchie we ordered were mini fried calzones! How cute! They were stuffed with house smoked mozzarella, tomatoes, basil and capers and were served with chili lemon local greens salad. Yum!

Two Six Ate (4)

Also on the menu was a drink called the Autumn Sweater. Similar to the Whiskey sour without the egg whites. And the hugest ice cube I’ve ever seen! Loved it!

Two Six Ate (8)

On to our main plates! My husband ordered the Foie Burger. Made with house ground O’Brien Farm beef and topped with foie torchon, caramelized onion tomato bacon jam (Totally yumm!) Served with a chili mayo and fresh cut fries. The foie added a rich creamy texture to the burger which is cut by the caramelized onion tomato bacon jam. Perfect combination.

Two Six Ate (11)

My friend ordered the steak and tates. Steak was an O’Brien Farm striploin which was served with seasonal vegetable with a jalapeno mayo and lemon olive oil confit potatoes. I didn’t get to try much of this one due to the fact that she was enjoying it too  much, but the mouthful I did get to try was tender and bright with the lemon potato.

Two Six Ate (10)

I ordered the scallops. Which is always my favorite thing on a menu when cooked perfectly, which these were. They were served with crispy brussel sprouts, sunchoke purée, house made bacon, pumpkin seeds and brandy soaked golden raisins. A truly amazing dish.

Two Six Ate (9)

To end the evening, I had a glass of port while my friend enjoyed a Brandy Alexander which reminded me of a spiced eggnog. Warm and delicious.

Two Six Ate (13)

We ordered the friend p b and j which was served with pascale’s all natural vanilla ice cream and was composed of michaelsdolce jam, peanut butter and varying fruit infused prosecco syrup.

Two Six Ate (20)

We also ordered the special dessert of the night. A cookie plate. An eggnog gingerbread cookie, a orange chocolate truffle like cookie ball, an orange flavoured yule log and a fig newton type cookie.

Two Six Ate (19)

It’s a good place to visit for drinks, munchies, snack or for a full meal. It’s well worth it, even just to check out the art on the wall. Check it out next time you’re at Preston and Gladstone.

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