Urban Cowboy

urban-cowboy-largeMy husband and I ran some errands the other night and on the way home we were discussing what to have for dinner when we passed by the Urban Cowboy Food Truck on Bank St. Quickly pulling into the Scotiabank parking lot, we decided that this was perfect! Owners Layne Belcher and Matthew Hinds offer delicious innovative Texas Street food with locally sourced products, such as their meat, bread and their hot sauces!



Menu items change often but you are sure to always find the Belcher Burger, smoked brisket on locally produced potato bun, served with a dill pickle (photo below). They currently have Apple Wood Smoked Ribs with cornbread. Another another patron at the truck that night was buying extra with his meal. He was raving about them, which means that we already know what were having next time we stop by.


The guys also offer many different kinds of hot sauces, local and from afar. Screaming Face hot sauce gave the Belcher Burger a delicious flavour while packing a punch in the heat department. A few of these hot sauces are made by famous band members. For example, Mad Anthony’s comes from Michael Anthony (Van Halen) and Gringo Bandito is from Dexter Holland (The Offspring).


Offering locally brewed Harvey & Verns sodas is always nice to see.


Cute touch with a mini cowbell weighing down the napkins so they don’t fly down Bank Street.


Talking to Matt in the truck that night, I remember him saying that the potato rolls are made specifically for them by a local farmer. It’s hard to find a good potato roll, and this one hits the mark! Matt went on to tell us about Layne’s father being part of the Football team back in the 70’s and how he and his mom would sell them at the tailgate parties before the game. They were a big hit! 🙂 Hence their location right near Landsdowne!


I ordered the Fried Oyster Po’Boy. This sandwich was served on a baguette from Trillium Bakery down the street from them. I could have eaten at least 2 whole baguettes of this sandwich, it was so delicious. The portion is roughly 5-6 inches, with about 6 fried Marina Gold oysters in an ABC beer batter topped with fresh slaw. Seafood on the truck is sourced from the Whalesbone.


If you would like to make your meal into a combo, their sweet potato fries are deep fried with a tempura batter to create a nice crispy coating! 🙂


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