Korean Quick Pickled Radish (Mu or Moo)

My husband and I have a slight addiction to Korean Cuisine and usually end up at the local restaurant for a quick bite at least once a week. It’s super tasty with a huge variety of options. Along with your meal, side dishes are served. If you know Korean cuisine, you know that kimchi (fermented cabbage) is served with everything. This is another side dish that is served sometimes.


One day, after about 6 months of going to the local Korean restaurant, they brought out pickled radish side dish. They told us that most non-Koreans do not like it due to the smell of the vinegar (smells footy sometimes), but since we’re pretty much open to anything, they let us try some.


It is now my most favorite side dish and they will always come out with a little bowl of it for me when they see me walk through the door.



I asked how to make it and she said it was so easy that anyone could do it. This recipe is what she told me that day. I made some and brought some in for them to try.



The husband of the woman who owns the restaurant couldn’t stop eating it until she came and took it away so she could try! I got the thumbs up along with some few adjustments based on preference but all in all, was excellent. She even added it to my bibimbap! Truly delicious and refreshing!


Korean Quick Pickled Radish (Mu or Moo)

Prep time: 10 minutes     Cook time: 0 minutes     Cool time: 15 minutes


1 daikon radish

1 /2 cup water

1-2 tsp salt

1 cup vinegar

1 cup sugar


In medium container with a lid, combine water, vinegar, sugar and 1 tsp salt. Add more salt to taste if you prefer more salty over sweet. Stir until everything is dissolved.

Wash and peel the daikon radish. With a mandoline, carefully slice the daikon into disks.

Cut the disks into matchstick like sticks and add them to the vinegar mixture.

Let sit for a minimum 10-15 minutes before eating or adding to a dish.

Vinegar mixture can always be adjusted if the next day you still find it too sweet or salty.

Keep in fridge.


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