Back Lane Café

It seems to be the week of awesome brunch places in the city! This one is Back Lane Café on Wellington St located in Westboro.


A friend and I ended up there one mid-Saturday a few weekends ago to take in the interesting foot traffic of Hintonburg-Westboro from the patio and enjoy an early afternoon cocktail and brunch.


We started off with a delicious mimosa garnished with blackberries.


We couldn’t resist splitting the side of the in house banana bread with nutella and bananas. It would be cruel to ignore the kid in us! Ours came with a small little oatmeal muffin surprise! DELICIOUS!


My friend ordered the sausage breakfast sandwich served with salad and bulgar. Side of bulgar ended up being swapped for fries with a garlic aioli which we couldn’t get enough of. The sandwich had an in house ground lamb sausage with the most perfectly cooked fried egg we’ve ever seen. The salad had a light lemon vinaigrette which was coated just enough, not to be over powering.


Being a fan of bulgar, I was able to keep her side. When asked what it was made with, the response we got from out delightful and charismatic waitress Steph was “It’s made with lots of butter, more butter and…love”. Trust me when I say you can really taste both butter and love in it. Excellent bulgar! Light and fluffy.


I ended up ordering an in house baked flatbread covered with muhammara, mango slices, duck and again, beautiful fried eggs. I can’t even describe how delicious this was. Duck was perfectly cooked and the muhammara and mango added a touch of sweetness without over powering the duck. I dream of flatbread like that. It’s perfect for ripping apart and dipping it in all kinds of spreads – hummus, more muhammara, garlic aioli… *sigh*


We ended our meal on a high note with another mimosa, this time mango-orange!


Back Lane Café is definitely a place to check out for a brunch or dinner option. Keep in mind that groups should not be more than 6 and reservations for Friday and Saturday nights are best. Can’t wait to go back!

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