Benny’s Bistro + The French Baker

logologoLooking for a new place to have brunch, my friend suggested Benny’s Bistro located in the back of the French Baker in the market. There is also a French Baker in the Glebe with beautiful pastries as well.

When you walk into the French Baker in the market, head down the hallway to the right and Benny’s Bistro will be there all brightly coloured.


To start, I ordered a cappuccino and in house fresh bread which is to die for. The first thing I love to do when fresh bread comes to the table, it sniff it. Yes, I smell it. Call me crazy, but fresh bread and butter is one of the best things in the world.


My friend ordered Salad Nicoise –  seared tuna, green salad, roasted potatoes and a pickled egg. The tuna was cooked perfectly with a nice light flavour and the portion was enough for two people! The egg too, was perfectly cooked. So pretty in pink!


The waitress suggested the Benny’s salmon gravlax, warm lemon, caper & fingerling potato salad, informata olive tapenade with a sunnyside egg. Oh man was this delicious. One of the best things I’ve had in a long time. The fingerling potato salad was stellar. Garlicky and lemony with the perfect texture. I could have eaten a whole tub of the stuff!


Whether you’re looking for an awesome place for breakfast, brunch or lunch, pastries or bread, Benny’s Bistro and The French Baker is the place to check out! Definitely going back as the menu changes seasonally.

Benny’s Bistro and the French Baker in the market is located at 119 Murray Street, corner of Dalhousie. The French Baker in the Glebe is located on Bank and Fourth.

Benny's Bistro on Urbanspoon

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