Ad Mare Seafood

Ad MareAd Mare Seafood is a fresh seafood food truck which offers a different perspective on the food truck uprising. They are the only seafood truck in Ottawa and we couldn’t wait to try them!


We read on twitter that they open at 11:30 am during the weekdays so we made sure to get there on time. This truck is so popular that there was already a 15-30 minute lineup!

A gentleman takes your order while you stand in line and hands you a coat check number for you to keep track of your order when they call it from the window.


While we waited, we decided to look behind us, and this lineup was what we saw. Good thing we got there right when they opened!


I ordered their classic fish and chips with slaw. The chips are a combination of shaved potato, sweet potato and beets. We wish it had more beet chips! They were all awesome but the beets were the best!

The fish itself was nice and juicy and the coating was delicate and perfectly crunchy. The slaw had a nice combination of acidity and sweetness. The tarter sauce was terrific! It took me back down memory lane to a popular fast food chain’s tarter sauce (which shall remain nameless) Which is definitely not a bad thing! Who didn’t dip their fries in that as a kid?


One of my colleagues ordered the fish taco, also with chips and slaw.


The taco had a hint  of cumin and was mixed with a corn salsa. The fish itself was tender and flaky. Truly delicious.


My other colleague ordered the crab cake sliders, again, with chips and slaw. Just so you know, they do have a salad option if you prefer.


The lumps of crab mixed nicely with the mango salsa and the bun had a nice chew. Yum!


Each meal came wrapped in newspaper, just like the ol’ days! Except this time, they were made of parchment and have recipes on them! Love it! And knowing me, yes, I will probably try to make one of them soon. I will keep you posted if I do!


Ad Mare is located on the corner of Slater and O’Connor right in front of the EDS Building. Their menu changes daily so next time, I plan on trying the shrimp po’boy and the lobster roll! Keep up with Ad Mare and their daily menu on Twitter @Ad_Mare.

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