Royi Fruta Bar

This is a food cart that is a must try this summer! Royi Fruta Bar offers a variety of empanadas, sweet and savoury along with South American sodas.

These empanadas come in a few flavours: Beef, chicken and spinach & feta. I’m addicted to the chicken with hot sauce. I think next time, I’ll up my combo to add another empanada, I could have eaten a dozen they are so delicious!

The black beans have tons of flavour and the guacamole fresh! The hot sauce is made with carrots and is packed full of heat! Combo platter is definitely worth the $6.



Royi Fruta Bar also carries a variety of sodas and three main sodas from South America. The first one I tried was Inca. It reminded me of a cream soda. The second, Tropical, is a strawberry soda. Both very tasty. Next time, I will have to try the Manzana, apple soda!


Tropical Ecuadorian Strawberry Soda


Inca Kola: Tastes similar to cream soda

Royi Fruta Bar is located on the North East corner of Elgin and Laurier.

Keep up with menu and locations on twitter @ROYIfrutacart


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