Ottawa Streat Gourmet

Ottawa Streat GourmetAfter heading to our first Food Truck last week – Angry Dragonz and waiting in line for what felt like our whole lunch hour, we made sure to head to Ottawa Streat Gourmet early. And sure enough, perfect timing, however, when we turned around after ordering,there was a huge line up!

Ottawa Streat Gourmet changes their menu daily (check their twitter page for page menus), but I can definitely tell you that what they had today was amazing. So fresh and so flavourable. The cookie of the day: Rosemary, Pecan, Lemon reminded me of my newly found favorite flavour of scone – Rosemary Lemon Scone.

We made sure to try everything on the menu, which we highly suggest. Perfect sharable plates. I order one thing and my colleague orders the other and we share. It’s a perfect way to get all the flavours in without having to choose!

Today they offered a meatball sub with mozzarella and a roasted garlic-rosemary mayo. The meatball was nice and juicy with tons of flavour and the bun was so fresh.

They were also offering cauliflower and pea samosas served with mint sauce. Again, they flavour profiles were spot on.
Ottawa Streat Gourmet - Cauiflour Samosa with Quinoa Tabbouleh

Both dishes had a choice of side spring pea pasta salad, quinoa tabbouleh or bean salad.

All this to accompany a Harvey and Vern’s Olde Fashioned Soda. So delicious! Full flavour! They offer both flavours, ginger beer and cream soda.

This truck can be found at O’Conner and Queen Street. North West corner. Go early to skip the line!

Follow them on twitter for daily menus and locations on Twitter @StreatOttawa

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