In the Kitchen with Le Cordon Bleu

LCB OttawaMy friend at work was talking about taking a cooking course at Le Cordon Bleu for her birthday. She could count me in for sure! This class was offered right on the day of her birthday. What perfect timing!

On May 11, Le Cordon Bleu hosted a launch party for their new cookbook “In the Kitchen” which they celebrated by offering a short course on a few recipes found in the book. The book contains 100 recipes which are a collection from all the campuses around the world. The recipes were sent in from each campus, tested in Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa’s test kitchen and chosen from there. This will be the first book of many.


Le Cordon Bleu in Ottawa is the only one in Canada. It is located in a beautiful grand old house in Sandy Hill. They also have a restaurant, Signatures.  For lunch, 3 courses will run you $27 dollars and a Thursday night special for $99 will get you 4 courses and a bottle of wine! 


The Chef de Cuisine, Didier Chantefort and Chef Pâtissier, Hervé Chabert, were a perfect balance in the kitchen. They created 3 recipes found in the cookbook, Puff pastries with onion relish and creamed leeks, Stuffed chicken breasts with mango salsa and Manjari chocolate lime cream tart with raspberry coulis and raspberry tuiles. One word to describe all – Delicious!

All pictures are in order as the afternoon rolled out, it was much like a tennis match. Enjoy!


Le Cordon Bleu – Course kitchen


Chef Instructor Chabert – Making sable


Chef Instructor Chantefort creaming leeks
“Puff pastries with onion relish and creamed leeks”


Chef Instructor Chantefort pounding out chicken breasts


Chef Instructor Chabert blending the manjari chocolate lime cream


Chef Instructor Chantefort preparing the herb mousse
“Stuffed chicken breasts with mango salsa”


Chef Instructor Chantefort assembling the puff pastry with onion relish and creamed leeks



The creamy leeks paired perfectly with the onion relish. The crisp of the pastry was nice and buttery.


Chef Instructor Chambert creating isomalt decorations while student Robyn watches the screen


Isomalt decorations
Manjari Chocolate Lime Cream Tart with raspberry coulis and raspberry tuiles


Chef Instructor Chantefort putting together the stuffed chicken

wpid-20130511_135906.jpg wpid-20130511_140446.jpg

The Stuffed chicken was a perfect pairing of smooth herb mousse with the acidity of the mango salsa!

wpid-20130511_141119.jpg wpid-20130511_141047.jpg

wpid-20130511_141040.jpg feature

The Chocolate lime tart was smoothly and velvety. A masterpiece!


Can’t wait to go back to try out their Bistro called Signatures! 


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