Kiko Sushi

LogoWhen I first moved to Ottawa, there were hardly any sushi restaurants. Now, they’re everywhere. A lot of all you can eat places for sure. But nothing really with good quality fish. There are a few places in the market that are tasty but nothing off the chart like this place.
imageWhen we were looking for a wedding cake, we had met one of the cake vendors at the Starbucks on Preston. A few doors down is a sushi restaurant – Kiko Sushi owned and operated by Andy and Nicki.

For some reason we had asked the vendor if they’ve ever been there and what they thought about it. She told us her husband and her go there frequently and that the fish quality was good.

imageWhen our meeting was over, my then financé and I, walked down to have dinner and give it a shot. Our expectations were low due to the all you can eat places…
imageJust with our first mouthful we could tell the difference. All ingredients are fresh coming in daily from coast to coast and even Japan! This sushi restaurant has become our go to sushi place in the city.
imageThe waitresses are good with suggestions if you can’t make up your mind. Mixing and matching to accommodate your favorite flavors and favorite fishes.
If ever you’re in Little Italy and craving sushi, check out Kiko. The will validate your underground parking if you park after 5:30pm.

Kiko Sushi Bar on Urbanspoon

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