Slice & Co.


We’ve been looking for a good pizza in Ottawa for years now. Hearing about the new place on Elgin called Slice & Co. we were a little excited but hesitant all at the same time. We were hoping it would not be another commercial type pizza – no flavour, salty or oily dough.  It turned out to be one of the best pizzas we’ve had in the city!
We headed there this weekend to give them a try and grab a slice. Unfortunately, no slices BUT a 12″ hand-tossed Italian pizza was only for $14 while the average price for a pie is just $18. Better than some of the delivery places around.
Slice & Co’s Menu offers 4 styles of pizza including some gluten free options which include – Italian Hand-Tossed, New York Pan, California Thin and Chicago Deep Dish.

Slice & Co. Menu

When we went for the first time, we ordered a 12″ Margherita Italian Hand Tossed pizza which was perfect for the two of us. 3 slices each. They also have a good drink menu which includes a few cocktails, beers and wine. I ordered the large Blueberry mojito while my husband had a few Heinekens. Perfect patio meal to enjoy in the sun and watch the passerbys.

We can’t wait to try out the rest of their sandwiches! The muffuletta reminds me of being in New Orleans and the Reuben of being in New York.
Slice & Co. is open up late so if you think you’re heading over too late, trust me. They’ll be open. Until midnight Sunday to Wednesday and then until 4am Thursday to Saturday. PLUS they have a digital jukebox!

Back side of Slice & Co. Menu

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