Earth Day Cupcakes

So today is Earth Day – April 22nd! This day helps inspire the appreciation of the environment while giving awareness to our ecology. As well as, to encourage awareness of the growing problems of air, water and soil pollution. It has been around since 1970 and is celebrated in over 192 countries!

Most of us help do our part by turning off our lights and water when not in use and by making sure to recycle using all coloured bins available in our communities. We can also watch our personal carbon footprints by driving less, taking less flights and eating locally. There are online calculators for people to see how they affect the footprint.

I am a relatively new Pintrester and came across these just in the nick of time from Recipe by Photo!  I’ll be taking these to work to help spread the word in a tasty way! I know one of my colleagues will be more than happy as she is a huge proponent of the environment. Special thanks to my friend SE who helped me make them!

The original recipe for these cupcakes can be found on the Bird On A Cake website. In my version, we used lemon cake and butter cream that we turned pink. My local grocery store has flavour packets to add to icing. Unfortunately the store was closed today due to a power outage but thought I would share in case you would like to try this as well.

Earth Day Cupcakes

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