Fraser Café

logo 3Over the past year I’ve had friends mention to me about checking out Fraser Café off Beechwood. They go on about how their brunch on the weekends is awesome and how their fish is supplied by Whalesbone who only stocks fish from renewable sources.


Fraser Café offers seasonal menus using local and (obviously) seasonal ingredients switching it up every 3-4 months.


Fresh Pasta – bechamel/bacon/blue cheese/spinach/mushroom


Miso Dashi – duck confit/fried egg


Smoked Trout – beetroot/potato salad/mustard

Everything I’ve had so far has been fresh and delicious. I can never wait to go back. My friend who was with me one time, said that his burger was one of the best in the city! Served with fresh cut French fries and salad. I love it when burgers come with both! You never have to choose! Guilt free!


Fresh Doughnuts – vanilla anglaise/caramel apple/chocolate espresso shot


Baked Chocolate Pudding – crème fraiche/raspberry coulis/hazelnuts
(I asked for caramel apple instead of hazelnuts)

They bake their own bread and smoke their own bacon! How can it get any better than that?



We can’t wait to check out their brunch! Call to make reservations as it fills up fast!

Fraser Cafe on Urbanspoon

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