The Cupcake Lounge


I’ve been disappointed with cupcake shops these past few years all over the country. I find that most cupcake shops use chocolate and vanilla cupcakes as a vessel for their flavoured icings. This is reminiscent of my childhood classroom birthdays. Located in the middle of the Byward Market, the Cupcake Lounge is different. They really are mini cakes, including actual 6″ cakes! They focus on making the cake flavourful just as much as their icings!
For example, my husbands favorite is the chocolate peanut butter and the cake part is actually peanut butter cake with chocolate chips topped with chocolate icing and peanut butter crumbles. Yum!

My colleagues favorite is the red velvet because it is so moist, perfectly red with delectable cream cheese icing!


Chocolate Peanut Butter


Red Velvet

My favorite is the dulce de leche. Chocolate cake with a caramel like middle topped with chocolate icing and a caramel zig-zag!
Every day they have different flavours along side their mainstays, making it hard to choose which flavour to choose. Which is why I usually leave with a 4 or 6 pack!

These are a perfect size to cut into quarters to have a stand around tasting party with friends. 🙂


Chocolate Fig & Port



Ginger Lemon

My brother was up a few weeks ago and he wanted to check them out. He had the ginger lemon while I had the chocolate fig-port cupcake. Both were amazing!


(From top left to bottom right)
Cookie dough, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Dulce de Leche, Maple Cinnamon, Lemon Coconut & Red Velvet

I have even called them up to put aside a cupcake for my assistants birthday. They added a happy birthday chocolate to the top of her favorite cupcake. She loved finding it on her desk when she got in!


Cassis cupcake with cassis speckled icing

They are also open minded for personalized flavours for private events. I have colleague who talked to them about a special St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes for a party she was hosting. They were about to help her come up with a flavour and with different icing options.

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