Kiwi Kraze


At lunch today, a friend of mine talked about wanting to try Kiwi Kraze. We didn’t talk about it long as the conversation quickly changed with husbands at the table, but it still stuck in my mind. Who wouldn’t want almost guilt free frozen yogurt? The toppings are what get you!
While my husband and I were driving to Trainyards to pick up a few things, we noticed that they had a location there. The sign was every bit inviting. “Come try me” it said. We happily obliged.

This self-serve fat freeze frozen yogurt bar is pretty darn tasty! Keep in mind that you pay by weight.

They have many flavours of the day and two different sizes to choose from. You can use graham crackers to separate your flavours if you do not like them mixing. I just think this adds to the weight in the end. You might actually end up finding a new flavour combos you enjoy. My favorite combination is chocolate and raspberry with a tad of kiwi. Weird, I know.
They have a wet and dry topping bar. Wet toppings include: kiwis, strawberries  mangoes, blackberries, popping boba (awesome!) and many others. Dry toppings include: coloured sprinkles, reeses pieces, rock candy, gummy bears, nerds and many others.

Then there is the choice of sauce. Hot chocolate or caramel sauce, plus other squeezable sauces. Put it on the scale, and there you have it!


They also have a “Take $5 Discount Card” when you spend $60 and many other specials. Check out their Facebook page for more info.

2 thoughts on “Kiwi Kraze

  1. I was so excited to have an honorary mention on your blog! We went tonight and it was so good….those weird popping bobas were delicious!

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