logoOver a year ago, I was in need of a florist. I was planning our wedding and had no clue where to start. When chatting with one of the local bakeries, Auntie Loos, they suggested I check out Blumenstudio on Parkdale and to stop by the booth at the wedding show. So off I went to the show making sure to keep my eyes out!

Blumenstudio’s booth was elegant, contemporary and with her own style. Her being Katrin Kosk, the owner of Blumenstudio. Her style is nothing like I’ve ever seen before. Just what I was…am looking for in a florist.

flower case

cafe bar

When I went in to her variety shop for my consult, I was excited to see what else she had to offer. While we chatted about my bouquet and who’s wearing what boutonniere, I sipped on the most delicious hot cocoa made with fresh Belgium chocolate with a splash of hazelnut. I was already in love with the wedding flowers we had chosen but I think the cocoa was the fairy dust that made me fall in love with this place all together.

hot cocoapastries and coffee

In between signing my flower contract and the actual wedding, I became addicted to the shop. Between the pastries and beverages, we couldn’t resist.

20120804_143622 drink and a pastry

My bridesmaids knew how much I loved this place, that the flowers at my bridal shower came from Blumenstudio. I now use the vase that came with it all the time. I bring it in to Katrin and she fills it up for me.

drop in bouquetnight time flowers

In the summer, there are a few chairs outside with lounging umbrellas where you can sit in the sun or shade, enjoy a refreshing drink, read a magazine and enjoy the front garden. Perfect on a sunny weekend afternoon.

sunny summerbirthday breakfastcafe freddo

Her shop offers a huge selection of the most beautiful flowers you’ve ever seen, along side a selection of hot beverages, cold drinks, pastries, magazines, house decor and more. You may even pick up a litre of milk on your way home from work!

magazinesdrink case

She likes to keep things interesting by constantly changing around her shop. You never know what neat things you’ll find the next time you pop in!

summer 2012spring 2013

Around once a month she offers classes where participants are able to get their hands dirty, learn a few tricks and then take home their masterpieces to enjoy. I’ve done about 3 classes so far and I’m thrilled with the outcome every time.

garden flower class

On the wedding day, it was nice to see a familiar face along side the most gorgeous flowers. My mother in law still talks about them to this day 🙂

bouquetcentrepieces moms boutgroomsman bout


Check out Blumenstudio on Parkdale, just south of Gladstone.


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