The Unrefined Olive


Based in the Glebe in Ottawa, Ontario, is an olive oil and balsamic tasting bar called the Unrefined Olive. Olive oils and balsamic vinegar’s are imported from around the world from such places as Italy, California and Chile. They offer flavours for everyone’s taste buds ranging from sweet to savoury in both categories.

My brother and I checked this place out and we ended up trying close to everything. It was hard not to want to take a bottle home of all of them.


When we walked in, we were greeted by a nice salesperson that walked us through our tasting. She put about a teaspoon amount into a small metal ramekin for you to taste, which is a perfect amount to share.


They have Balsamic vinegar’s,  both dark and white, with favours such as Espresso and Cranberry-Pear, which is one of my new favorites on salads! They have tons of Olive oils, both pure and pressed with different flavours such as blood oranges or wild mushroom and sage. I’m looking forward to trying the mushroom and sage on pasta!


They even have specialty oils like walnut and black truffle oil and even black truffle salt!


Just in case you cannot make up your mind, they offer a smaller 4 bottle tasting pack up at the cash.


This is definitely a place to check out if you are looking to brighten your salads, stir fries, or bread dippers. Our sales person even mentioned putting one of them in her yogurt!


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