Honey Balsamic Figs

There is nothing like a fresh fig. So light and delicate.


This past weekend, while at the market with my brother, I saw that fresh figs were in. All excited, I asked my brother if he’s ever had one. He made some comment about not liking figs because he once ate a fig newton cookie that didn’t agree with him.


I quickly snatched up a few to take home to show him my favorite way to eat them.


In the end, him and my husband ended up eating all of them! I guess this will be a mainstay snack! So simple and delicious! I better grab a few extras next time, just in case!


For this recipe, I use my most favorite honey and really good balsamic as all the ingredients are stars. There are different figs, so if you try this recipe, it is flexible enough so you may try all the different figs! Depending what is available at your local grocery store, of course 🙂


Honey Balsamic Figs

Prep time: 5 minutes     Cook time: 0 minutes     Cool time: 0 minutes


Handful of fresh figs

Your favorite honey

Good balsamic vinegar


Wash and quarter figs. Drizzle honey over top. Carefully drizzle balsamic vinegar. Eat and enjoy!


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