When I think about good food, I think about Miga, which means the House of Good Taste in Korean. This is a Korean/Japanese Restaurant located in Centretown on Bank Street.

miga menu

It’s a great place to stop in for a light snack with some Soju, or for a full on Korean feast with SoMac (said like Su-May).

We usually order a combination of the Gyoza (dumplings) which come fried or steamed, with a choice of vegetable, pork or beef filling; the Tteokbokki (Korean street food) which is fried fish cake and thick noodle with spicy sauce and/or  Pajeon  (Korean style pancake) which comes either mixed with vegetables, seafood or kimchi. All can be eaten either on their own as snacks, or enjoyed as appetizers with your meal.


Vegetable Gyoza – Steamed

Miga apps

Pork Gyoza – Fried



Kimchi Jeon

Kimchi Jeon

We’ve tried almost everything on the menu. Here are a few of our favorites.

Galbi – Short ribs – Yum!



Bulgogi – Thinly sliced sirloin with vegetables (pic was taken after half eaten…oops!)



Sweet & Spicy Chicken


Sweet and Spicy Chicken

Sashimi Donburi


Unagi (BBQ Eel) Donburi


Spicy Squid or Spicy Chicken  and Dolsat Bibimbop (not pictured)

Korean BBQ (we usually have Pork belly & Bulgogi or Galbi)

A form of Korean BBQ with onions and garlic

A form of Korean BBQ with onions and garlic


Their array of soups are perfect to heat up from the cold, or cool down from the heat.

All dishes are served with a variety of sides. Normally Kimichi and another one or two side dishes are served.

My favorite is pickled radish. Fresh, crisp, sweet and sour, perfect combination.


Don’t forget about the sweet stuff! If you end up checking this place out, you definitely have to end your meal with a Melona.

20130216_201054 20130216_201125

Definitely a spot to check out, if not for their food, than for the delicious cold cinnamon & ginger ‘tea’ that they serve at the end of every meal. My favorite part! 🙂

Cold Cinnamon/Ginger tea

Cold Cinnamon/Ginger tea

Miga 咮家 on Urbanspoon

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